Pollution is one of the most detriment factors to our environment.
The components of our environment like air, sea and land, when polluted results in numerous implications on our lives as humans, animals and trees.
  • AIR can be polluted by :
    • burning of some of the waste we have on our surroundings
    • smoke of factories
    • old vehicles
    • bush burning
    • ...
    This pollution can be :
    • visible (black smoke of burning tyres)
    • smelly (as air pollution by gunjur fish factory)
    • or even cannot be noticed (freon from old fridges destroy ozone in the air...)
  • SEA/WATER can be polluted by
    • spillage of waste oils, as from the Golden Lead Factory in Gunjur
    • release on a regular basis of dead fishes at the same point
    • release of any waste water directly into natural environement without any process
    • release of any waste directly into the water .... Each time you throw a plastic bag into the sea, maybe you kill a sea turtoise (they consider them as jellyfishes - which is part of their food...)
  • LAND/SOIL can be polluted by
    • the chemical sprays
    • use of chemicals and fertilizers in agriculture
    • exposure of the already used batteries.
    • Spillages of oils from the mechanic garages also pollute the land.
    • and more insiduous is the change of land use induced by the selling of parcels and the partly built houses everywhere in the area
Many solutions exist
  • Stop the polluting factories or make sure they use a proper management for the smokes and waste from the factory.
  • Control the old vehicles on the road.
  • Use organic manure instead of the chemical fertilizers.
  • Put in place land use management plans that will organize land use by people.
  • Control any reject of dangerous components in the wild .

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