It happens when trees are cut down illegally without replacement. There are lot of implications on the environments when this occurs.

The cause of the deforestation lies on four main reasons.


  • Poverty- the communities depend largely on the forest zones in order to live their lives.
  • Residential purposes- population growth tends to create deforestation.
  • Lack of law enforcement- there are laws laid to protect the forest areas but they are not being enforced.
  • Ignorance- most of the communities around the forest zones are not aware of the real relationship between man and the trees.


  • AFFORESTATION- We needs to plant and grow more trees for replacing and generating the vegetative parts continuously.
  • LAWS- Laws designed to protect the forest must be enforced.
  • SENSITISATION- The communities needs to be sensitised properly on the importance and how to manage and preserve the forest areas
  • ALTERNATIVES-To provide some alternatives to the communities for them to preserve the forests.

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