Sand Mining

Sand mining on the coast line of The Gambia, Gunjur in particular, has so many bad effects on our socio-economic lives. Thus few pointed:
  • Destruction of the natural lanscape
  • Displacement of the habitats (trees and animals) on the dunes
  • Underground Watertable disturbed for the nearby forest zone
  • Women loose their source of livelihood : rice fields and gardens have disappeared
  • NAtural defence of sand dunes against sea (sea level rise, tempests,...) has been removed
  • Degradation of existing road network
  • Social impact of so many workers in this area

After end of mining, this area will be prone to other threats :

  • sea level rise will have more impacts there than anywhere else
  • a high risk exists for this area to become an uncontrolled waste deposit area
  • if not managed, this area risks to increase impact of malaria on population
  • ...

What can be done?

  • to re-dune : this would be an "impossible mission"... costly, where to take the sand from...
  • to transform the area to another ecological system
  • to take the chance of this situation to propose a global management of this coast, including ecotourism development, agriculture/fisheries, and protection of natural habitats

If you want to see a few pictures