Assets of Our Kombo South area
Threats on Kombo South area

Sand Mining

Sand Mining destroys sand dunes systems and their habitats. Their role in protection against sea erosion and submersion is then weakened.
If left without management, several disasters can occur : dumping sites, mosquito breeding, sea submersion,...
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Gunjur Community forest is an asset for our community. It can become an important part of our eco-development, tourism attraction, birdwatching destination...
Its preservation must remain our goal to conserve good habitats for wildlife... and even plantation of indigeneous trees will ensure its sustainability.
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Waste management

We work closely with local authorities to erase all illegal dumpsites located close to human habitats and to find a correct location for its management.
We are eager to put in place a selective sorting of waste, allowing to recycle what can be.
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We cannot allow factories to spoil our environment by releasing dangerous products in the surroundings.
Bad odors will repulse tourists to stay in the area.
Nowadays it is even dangerous for your health to bath and swim in the sea.
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